InDrivefor Google Android

InDrive is a unique application that combines superior car home functionality with an advanced trip computer and deep Poweramp integration. With one-touch access to the most useful features on your phone, this app is your perfect driving companion!

InDrive makes it very easy to launch your favorite applications, directly dial numbers, view your trip information and control music playback*. It will auto launch when placed in a compatible car dock. If you don't have a physical car dock, InDrive provides an option to force your phone into car mode, which will allow the app to override the Home button. Please note that for this feature to work properly on Android 2.x and higher, you have to set InDrive as the default car dock app. To do this, simply check the "Enable car mode" option in the settings and follow the instructions. This only needs to be done once.

* The music screen is designed to work in conjunction with Poweramp. Without Poweramp installed, you will only be able to do very basic controls such as switching to the next song in the default Android music player. Support for other media players is not guaranteed.

Trip computer features

  • Street address
  • Speedometer (mph, km/h or knots)
  • Heading
  • Battery level
  • Weather (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • Odometer
  • Time traveled (total / driving / stopped)
  • Average speed (total / driving)
  • Max speed
  • Elevation
  • Time of day

Startup options

  • Enable car mode (Force the phone into car mode like it had been placed in the car dock)
  • Check GPS status (Open the location settings screen if GPS is disabled)
  • Turn on Bluetooth
  • Disable Wi-Fi
  • Set media volume (Does not affect the ringtone volume)
  • Set screen brightness (Will override the automatic brightness setting if necessary)
This app is very battery intensive when used with the default settings. When not connected to a power source, please uncheck the "Keep screen on" option in the settings.

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Download information

The best way to download or purchase one of our Android applications is directly from the Market app pre-installed on your device. Alternatively, you can do it from the Android Market website using the buttons provided below. If, for some reason, you are having problems downloading this application from the Market app and from the Android Market website, you can obtain an APK file with the latest free version on our Downloads page.

The free version is a 14-day trial


InDrive: GPS Screen


"Code Sector's InDrive is a well-made, customizable car home app with Poweramp integration. If you're looking for a new car home app, InDrive is worth checking out."Android Police


I have a late 80's car where my electronic digital dash recently died. I found this app today, mostly because of it's Holo theme and PowerAMP integration. I'm an advocate of both. So not only do I know how fast I'm going again because of the GPS speedometer, but it also looks like it should on an Android device and has quick access to music controls. The added in-app "widgets" are also great informative tools.Brad Meyer