Maverickfor Google Android

Maverick is a GPS off-road navigation app for Android devices. It automatically caches all your maps for offline use so that you can access them even without an Internet connection. This app is great for hiking, boating, geocaching, and other outdoor activities.

  • Multiple global and regional online mapsIncluding Bing, Yandex, Open Street Maps, OSM Cycle, OSM Public Transport, Multimap (UK), OutdoorActive (Germany, Austria, South Tyrol), Cykloatlas, HikeBikeMap (Germany), Open Piste Map, NearMap (Australia), and many others.
  • All maps are automatically cached for offline useYou can use Mobile Atlas Creator to create or download map tiles and MAPC2MAPC to manipulate maps and convert them between different platforms and software.
  • Go caching!Create custom geocache queries on that contain 500 geocaches or fewer can be delivered as an email attachment.
  • Share your current or planned locationSend your address, GPS coordinates, and a link to Google Maps or even a map image.
  • Save places you visitWaypoints are stored in a KML file that can be viewed and edited in Google Earth.
  • Navigate easilyA built-in radar shows the direction, distance, and estimated time to a point of interest.
  • Record your tracks with a single tapExport tracks as GPX files that can be viewed in Google Earth and other programs.
  • Upload tracks to GPSies.comYou can use to view and download tracks that have been recorded by a GPS device. Please note that a free account is required for uploading.
  • Trip computerSee your speed, altitude, pitch, etc.
Important GPS tips:It can take about 45 seconds to acquire satellite signals when you first start the application, or roughly 15 seconds if it has been used recently. Because the signal cannot pass through solid non-transparent objects, GPS requires an unobstructed view of the sky to work correctly. Thus, signal reception can be degraded by tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, mountains, etc. Also, moving around while locking onto several satellites makes it harder for those separate signals to triangulate your exact location. Please try to stand still when receiving a GPS fix, unless there is absolutely no alternative.

Download information

The best way to download or purchase one of our Android applications is directly from the Market app pre-installed on your device. Alternatively, you can do it from the Android Market website using the buttons provided below. If, for some reason, you are having problems downloading this application from the Market app and from the Android Market website, you can obtain an APK file with the latest free version on our Downloads page.

The free version is limited to 5 waypoints and 1 track.


Maverick: Main Screen


"If you are looking for a nice and simple Android app, but with all the best features to do some GPS tracking, Maverick is a good choice."maybenotallreviews


"I love the look and feel of the app and it doesn't crash!"Mike Smith

"You can import Google data by using a convertor utility to turn the KML into a GPX file format… This app is actually very usable and I think a giveaway for $5!"Abdulmateen Moghal

"Brilliant for geocaching."Ole E. Mikkelsen