JetStartfor Microsoft Windows

Tired of digging into crowded Start Menu? JetStart offers you quick access to categorized Start Menu shortcuts, recently launched programs and system commands.

Just type a few letters and JetStart will show matching applications as you type. Once you have found the desired program, you can immediately launch, drag to desktop or uninstall it.


JetStart Toolbar allows you to quickly access your favorite Windows applications.

  • Organize shortcuts by drag and drop.
  • Launch multiple programs at once.
  • Activated by a hot key or from the tray icon.
  • Drag files from the Toolbar to your desktop, etc.
  • Convenient keyboard interface.
  • Docking to the screen edges.
  • Freely resizable with mouse.

Reorder taskbar buttons by drag-and-drop

JetStart also lets you reorder buttons on your taskbar the way you like. Just drag and drop any taskbar button to the new location with your mouse.

JetStart Pro *

You can also buy the paid version of the program that lets you do the following:

  • Add your own categories.
  • Activate the Toolbar by holding down both mouse buttons.
  • Control auto-start applications with the Startup Manager.
  • Make use of special keys on a multimedia keyboard using the Hotkeys Manager.
* 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


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"JetStart Free is a unique tool that enables you to manage your Windows Start Menu more efficiently, and launch your favorite or recently accessed applications with just a few clicks."SnapFiles